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Plentitude R E I T Canadian properties

This Income Fund for Canadian properties provides access to a diversified portfolio of acquired multi-residential properties and development projects. Investors in the Fund receive the yield from rental income, lending income and participate in the growth of the underlying properties.

The Minimum Investment Amount is $5,000

Investors Can Use Registered Funds


Targeted Annual Net Return of 12%‑16% 

See Offering Memorandum for More Details

Colborne Place


26-unit Apartment Building
Brantford, Ontario

Colborne Place, a vacant land in Brantford, is slated to transform into a stylish 26-unit building, similar to the vision for Dalhousie. This development project embodies contemporary design and a community-focused approach, offering residents a modern living space in the heart of Brantford.

Cumberland Lofts

Historic Conversion

8-unit Apartment Building
Hamilton, Ontario

Established in 1877, Cumberland is situated in the lively city of Hamilton and represents a unique conversion project. Formerly a historic ink factory turned office space, Cumberland is undergoing a transformation into an 8-plex apartment building, preserving its historic charm while providing residents with a sophisticated and urban living experience.



26-unit Apartment Building
Brantford, Ontario

In Brantford, Ontario, Dalhousie is poised for transformation from a 7-plex to a contemporary residential gem, featuring a new 26-unit apartment building.


Affordable Senior Development

50-unit Apartment Building
Windsor, Ontario

Positioned in Windsor, Desjardins is set to evolve from a single-family home to a modern residential haven with 50 barrier-free apartment units.

Sabrina Park

Euro Style Living

171-Unit Townhome and Apartment Complex
Huntsville, Ontario

Nestled in the heart of Muskoka in the charming town of Huntsville, Sabrina Park embodies tranquility and natural beauty. This residential development project offers a mix of modern townhouses and apartments, providing residents with a serene living environment surrounded by scenic landscapes.