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This Income Fund for international properties provides access to a portfolio of internationally acquired multi-residential properties and development projects. Investors in the Fund receive the yield from rental income, lending income and participate in the growth of the underlying properties. This Fund also comes with the lifestyle perk of being able to visit and enjoy the properties.

The Minimum Investment Amount is $60,000 cad

Investors Can Use Registered Funds


Targeted Annual Net Return of 10% 

Lifestyle Vacation Usage

See Offering Memorandum for More Details


Development Property

4 Villa Condos
12 Beds
Marcelli, Italy

This property is perfectly nestled on the glistening Adriatic Sea, with loads of options for everyone. Whether you are using an umbrella and blanket on the beach or taking in the games, restaurants, and coffee bars that are widely available up and down the golden sand, you will find this tranquil gem is filled with delights. It is beautifully wide and sandy, the ideal spot for families and romantics alike. Only a three hour drive from Rome it is easily reached by car.

Plentitude Asset Management

Investment Specialists


Judi Paré

Chairman & President 

Plentitude Group of Companies

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David Huang

Investor Relations Manager

Plentitude Asset Management


Anne Marie Sexton

Executive Assistant to the President

Plentitude Asset Management

Tristan Hilderley

Investor Relations Manager

Plentitude Asset Management


Chanelle Hagemann

Investor Services Administration

Plentitude Asset Management


Erica Eldridge

Creative Director

Plentitude Asset Management

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