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This Income and Development Fund provides access to The Wildan Estates development project. You can easily be a large scale real estate developer without doing the work yourself. You can profit from rental income, interest from loans, and capital appreciation of the properties growth. This Development project offers the potential for higher returns.

The Minimum Investment Amount is $25,000

Investors Can Use Registered Funds


Targeted Annual Net Return of 14%‑18% 

See Offering Memorandum for More Details

Wildan Estates II Acreages 

Development Property

20 Single Family Homes
Hamilton, Ontario

Elegant detached family homes - all the benefits of rural living just 10 minutes to amenities and highways.

Plentitude Asset Management

Investment Specialists


Judi Paré

Chairman & President 

Plentitude Group of Companies

Screenshot-2024-03-04-at-11.49.34 AM.png

David Huang

Investor Relations Manager

Plentitude Asset Management


Anne Marie Sexton

Executive Assistant to the President

Plentitude Asset Management

Tristan Hilderley

Investor Relations Manager

Plentitude Asset Management


Chanelle Hagemann

Investor Services Administration

Plentitude Asset Management


Erica Eldridge

Creative Director

Plentitude Asset Management

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